When life throws you another curveball.

‘Map your future, but do it in pencil.’ – Jon Bon Jovi

Put this on my wall to remind myself everyday. Winners don't quit, quitters don't win.

Found out today that I can’t get into the Loughborough Business School postgraduate program as I’m ‘over-qualified’. This is because I’m currently doing a Sports Science with Management undergrad program and the management modules would basically overlap as this postgrad program is meant for non-business students (which I thought would include me).

I mentioned earlier(‘Looking Ahead’ under the ‘Life’ post) that I was planning to do a postgrad degree here in Loughborough so that I can continue living and training here till 2012. Looks like it might not be as straightforward a plan as I would have hoped.

But nevertheless, I’ll explore my options and see what I can come up with. I guess this would be just another curveball that I got to deal with.

Found this beautiful song today too thanks to Spotify. I guess we all need a little reassurance and boost sometimes. =)

It’s the little things in life that’s going to make me happy.
Little by little, fills up the measure.
Don’t ever give up, Keep on moving.
Haba haba, hujaza kibaba.

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