People are Awesome: Maxim Hall

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‘I’m not in this world to live up to your expectations and you’re not in this world to live up to mine.’ – Bruce Lee

I first met Max in my first year here during a discus session and subsequently in my second year, we began to train together for the other events as well. Not only did he guide me in preparing and completing my first decathlon, but he showed me what being a decathlete is about.

Earned his GB junior international vest 6 years ago, but since suffered a knee injury and had to undergo surgery to repair it. Because of that incident, he had to switch his take off foot for the jumping events in order to continue competing as a decathlete. He also chose to stay on after graduating from Loughborough Uni 3 years ago and worked two part-time jobs to pay the bills whilst continuing to train and live in Loughborough.

I realised more than anything that being a decathlete is about being in a state of mind, an attitude that you carry with the belief that you can get through just about anything the world can throw at you, and still keep pushing forward. It’s about not being afraid of a little hard work and pain along the way, picking up a task and just getting on with it.

Though at the same time, be able to not take everything too seriously and just be with the flow of things, enjoying life in general through the ups and downs of it. His trademark mismatched socks and alternate coloured laces on his spikes are a testimony to that attitude.

Recently finished 4th at the England Athletics Senior Combined Events Championships (indoor heptathlon) and finally earned himself a senior GB vest after all these years with a slot to compete at the Combined Events Indoor International at France.

Max, it has been an absolute pleasure and thank you for continuing to push ahead and guide me in my development as a decathlete.

Best of all, I got a sneaky suspicion that you’re going to be seeing him on the telly next summer during the London Olympics. (Just look out for the guy who wears alternate coloured socks.)

p.s. I’ve also added a new page to my blog ‘results‘ where you can find my previous performances and current goals, with a link to detailed results of my competitions in the UK so far. Do check it out!

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