2012 Season

Deacthlon Results
2010 2011 2012
Event Result Score Result Score Result Score
100m 12.70s 520 12.58s 541 12.25s 603
Long Jump (LJ) 4.41m 274 4.62m 312 5.22m 425
Shot Put (SP) 11.50m 576 12.02m 608 11.66m 586
High Jump (HJ) 1.55m 426 1.62m 480 1.63m 488
400m 58.98s 449 58.95s 450 57.99s 484
Day 1 total 2245 2391 2586
110m Hurdles (HUR) 21.93s 213 20.87s 284 19.60s 381
Discus (DC) 31.95m 503 30.33m 471 30.84m 481
Pole Vault (PV) 2.53m 248 2.75m 298 3.12m 386
Javelin (JV) 31.76m 324 34.81m 367 34.74m 366
1500m 5:53,27 292 5:52,90 294 5:43,90 334
Day 2 total 1580 1714 1948
Total 3825 4105 4534

2011 Season

Well so I’ve done one decathlon in May last year and this year I’ve set my targets and goals using that as a benchmark. As you can see, my past performance is really quite poor (like the 100m sprint, I’m not quick by any means but I ran at a glacier pace that day, they left me out of the starting list and rushed into a heat, stumbling off the blocks and running till 60m only for some reason) and the target for some events can be quite a stretch, but hey, as long as I’m doing it I might as well have something high to aim for.

Deacthlon Results
Woodford 2010 2011 Goal 2011 Result
Event Result Score Target Result Target Score Season Best Score
100m 12.70s 520 12.05s 640 12.24s 605
Long Jump (LJ) 4.41m 274 6.25m 640 5.02m 386
Shot Put (SP) 11.50m 576 12.55m 640 12.56m 640
High Jump (HJ) 1.55m 426 1.82m 640 1.66m 512
400m 58.98s 449 54.0s 640 57.61s 498
Day 1 total 2245 3200 2504 2641
110m Hurdles (HUR) 21.93s 213 16.85s 640 20.45s 314
Discus (DC) 31.95m 503 38.77m 640 33.33m 530
Pole Vault (PV) 2.53m 248 4.08m 640 2.93m 340
Javelin (JV) 31.76m 324 53.43m 640 37.31m 403
1500m 5:53,27 292 4:46,57 640 5:44,92 329
Day 2 total 1580 3200 1770 1916
Total 3825 6400 4105

This link to the power of 10 website would give you an up to date performance to all the competitions I’ve competed so far in the UK. (Singapore should really have a website like the Power of 10 here.)

The main multi-events I plan to do for this season will be as follows:

  1. North East Championships Open Indoor Pentathlon 13th March 2011
    60m HUR 11.06 359 PB
    Shot Put 11.66 586
    High Jump 1.57 441 PB
    Long Jump 4.14 229
    60m 7.82 613 PB
    Total 2228
  2. Woodford Green Combined Events Meeting 7th-8th May 2011
    Event Result Score
    100m 12.42s 571 PB
    Long Jump (LJ) 5.02m 386 PB
    Shot Put (SP) 11.77m 592
    High Jump (HJ) 1.66m 512 PB
    400m 59.14s 443
    Day 1 total 2504 PB

    DNF (pulled my hamstrong during the 400m)

  3. England Senior Combined Events Meeting 4th-5th June 2011
    England Championships
    Event Result Score
    100m 12.70s 520
    Long Jump (LJ) 4.36m 266
    Shot Put (SP) 12.56m 640 PB
    High Jump (HJ) 1.56m 434
    400m 60.00s 413
    Day 1 total 2273
    110m Hurdles (HUR) 21.01s 274 PB
    Discus (DC) 27.95m 424
    Pole Vault (PV) 2.93m 340 PB
    Javelin (JV) 37.31m 403 PB
    1500m 5:44,92 329 PB
    Day 2 total 1770
    Total 4043 PB
  4. Hexam Meeting 23rd-24th July 2011
    Manchester late August.
    Hexam Meeting 23-24 July 2011

    Hexam 2011
    Event Result Score
    100m 12.24s 605 PB
    Long Jump (LJ) 4.87m 358
    Shot Put (SP) 11.13m 554
    High Jump (HJ) 1.56m 434
    400m 59.64 426
    Day 1 total 2377
    110m Hurdles (HUR) 20.45s 314 PB
    Discus (DC) 29.38m 452
    Pole Vault (PV) 2.60m 264
    Javelin (JV) 34.76m 367
    1500m 6:01,60 258
    Day 2 total 1655
    Total 4032
  5. North West Combined Events Open 27-28 August 2011 (Manchester)
    Manchester 2011
    Event Result Score
    100m 12.58s 541
    Long Jump (LJ) 4.62m 312
    Shot Put (SP) 12.02m 608
    High Jump (HJ) 1.62m 480
    400m 58.95s 450
    Day 1 total 2391
    110m Hurdles (HUR) 20.87s 284
    Discus (DC) 30.33m 471
    Pole Vault (PV) 2.75m 298
    Javelin (JV) 34.81m 367
    1500m 5:52,90 294
    Day 2 total 1714
    Total 4105 PB

Do drop by my blog to see how I progress through the season!

Deacthlon Results
Woodford 2010 2011 Goal 2011 Result
Event Result Score Target Result Target Score Season Best Score
100m 12.70s 520 12.05s 640
Long Jump (LJ) 4.41m 274 6.25m 640
Shot Put (SP) 11.50m 576 12.55m 640 12.02m 608
High Jump (HJ) 1.55m 426 1.82m 640 1.57m 441
400m 58.98s 449 54.0s 640
Day 1 total 2245 3200
110m Hurdles (HUR) 21.93s 213 16.85s 640
Discus (DC) 31.95m 503 38.77m 640
Pole Vault (PV) 2.53m 248 4.08m 640
Javelin (JV) 31.76m 324 53.43m 640
1500m 5:53,27 292 4:46,57 640
Day 2 total 1580 3200
Total 3825 6400


  1. Hi, enjoying your blog and comments. Your results have strong parallels with mine although your shot good bit stronger & 400m beyond me …. so far!
    Shall be good to watch your progress on blog n pwr of ten as season unfolds.
    Keep to the yellow brick road.

    • Yong Sheng says:

      Hi Ken! Thanks for dropping by the blog. Just attempted another dec at woodford, got a few pbs but didn’t complete it due to a pulled hamstring on the 400m. Hopefully your season is going ahead well, cheers!

      • Ken Moncrieff says:

        well done on the improved LJ & HJ marks, I shall need to match your HJ soon to retain my lead. I hope the muscle pull not to bad and you get some physio work on it quickly. My first multi outdoors this year in GB Masters Pentathlon in early June – Oxford so focussing for that.
        Cheers, K

      • Yong Sheng says:

        Thank you and cheers mate! Wishing you all the best for your season ahead!

  2. Samuel Goldberg says:

    Hello from Sam Goldberg,

    Please see the attached invitation to become head coach for Thailand’s men’s decathlon and women’s heptathlon events.

    My name is Sam Goldberg, I am former head coach for decathlon running events at the 1st US National Decathlon Training Center at University of California, Santa Barbara. Please see the reasons below for my selection to this position by former US National Decathlon Chairman, Sam Adams.

    I am an expert in the running events/hurdles and decathlon/heptathlon with strong knowledge in the throws and jumping events.

    During my career I ran the 8th fastest all-time world decathlon 400m (48.4) and the 13th fastest all-time decathlon 100m (10.7)-these marks remain competItive even now as you can see by the results of the recent University Games decathlon in Shenzhen and the 2008 Olympics.

    It may be good for you to know the reasons I was chosen to become our 1st US decathlon running coach was due to the tremendous improvements I was able to attain, since my first decathlon 100m time was only (12.3) and my first decathlon 400m was (58.9) all as a high school senior, and without resorting to the use of performance enhancing drugs.

    I set our USA National Junior College(2 year college level) decathlon 400m record (48.4). I was 5th in our open decathlon championships. I was ranked #1 for both the USA national Junior College and NCAA freshman decathlon divisions.

    It may also interest you to know that my olympic weight shot putt (PR of 45 feet), while standing 5’11” and only weighing 157 lbs, established me as pound for pound the all-time best US decathlon shot putter-a record which still stands to my knowledge.

    Of all my achievement, it is the fact that I have since 1967 held the all-time world mark for decathlon “net” points. Net points are the difference between an athletes first and best decathlon score, and I still remain the only athlete in world decathlon history to have exceeded 3000 net points- I am now seeking official recognition for this mark for addition into the official decathlon record book both in the US and internationally.

    It is my ability to excel based on a superior mental discipline, imagination and deep belief in my dream that I know I can be of great assistance to you.

    In addition to my own accomplishments in decathlon, I was the running coach for Canada’s two time Olympic decathlon entrant, Mr. Gery Moro at Munich in 1972. I have also coached our US National 800 meter champion, Mr. James Robinson while I was his Junior College coach, and assisted in the run training for America’s first 16’6″ High School pole vaulter.

    Finally, it may also interest you to know that while coaching at our USA Decathlon Training Center in 1973, I defeated Mr. Alan Pascoe in the 70yd HH. This was while the English National team was training at our center and was just one year after Mr. Pascoe, had won Silver at the 72 Games in the 4×400 meter relay. He also placed 4th in the 72 Olympic 400m Hurdles, had run 13.5 in the 110M HH and was at that time regarded as Europe’s best all-around hurdler.

    I am currently attempting to contact and assist your nation’s decathlon prospect Mr. Tan, in his current and future plans and I have offered my expertise and assistance to insure his success in his efforts to exceed the 7500pt level for decathlon qualification for London. Oh by the way, my first decathlon total was 3550 and my best score was 7,276pts.

    Please allow me to suggest, that while many others have had greater personal success, I think it is obvious, by virtue of my decathlon “net” points score, to say none have matched, let alone exceeded my capacity to reach one’s latent potential. In other words, almost any informed coach can successfully train a great or talented athlete, however I have never found one who had my capacity to develop a poor but dedicated athlete to the levels I reached. This is because, as already gifted athletes, they lack the authentic experiences, insights and understanding of the normally unspoken fears held by the “common” student athlete. They also lack the ability to say “look how poorly I began and see what I was able to accomplish.

    While lesser quality athletes may admire what the gifted athlete accomplished, they also know in their heart of hearts, these men and women had abilities the “common” athlete did and does not have at their disposal-at the moment. Thus, these psychological limits haunt them both consciously and unconsciously. Perhaps a brief reflection on you own personal experiences will confirm my assertion here.

    Allow me suggest what is generally lacking even in the best of modern coaches-even at your national level is the intimate knowledge of how to win and the experience of actually doing it. I firmly believe it is my personal mastery over this psychological component that is a key experience that separates me from other applicants who seek to lead your student-athletes to victory over time, gravity and their own psychological and physical limits.

    Finally, may I suggest an essential quality any winning coach must have-and most “by the book” coaches, even at our and your national level lack, is the capacity to be successfully creative. The art of teaching students to not only excel, but to win is not covered in our science of athletics libraries. It is however covered in the personal experiences of those very few athletes, who like myself chose to travel a road usually reserved for the highly talented and gifted athlete.

    If this has reached you in time, please feel free to contact me at

    Thank you in advance for your kind considerations
    Sammy Goldberg, retired head running events coach USA National Decathlon Training Center

    • Yong Sheng says:

      Hello Sam,

      Thank you for your kind words. That certainly sounds like an interesting opportunity, however I am not looking for any full time employment currently as I will still be a full time student at Loughborough University for another year. It’s good to hear about your acheivements as a decathlete and I hope that someday I’ll be able to achieve that performance level too. Thank you for your interest and I wish you all the best. =)


      • Yong Sheng says:

        Ah i think I’ve gotten your message wrongly. Recieved an email from SAA about you as well. Thank you for your offer to help, but I would be here in Loughborough to continue my studies so unfortunately I will not be able to work with you in SE Asia. Cheers for your kind words nevertheless!

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