I want to be a Champion.

There’s no maybe. You got to get up and say, I want to be a champion and I’ll do whatever it takes… Whatever it takes, I will do.

I drew that mindmap in 2006, when I was still in the army with a busted left knee. Back then I couldn’t even jog but I was dreaming.

Now I’ve put myself at the best place I can be, I’m closer than I ever was but for a moment I stopped believing.

I guess I kinda lost my way.

Whatever it takes, I will do.

Arnold might not be in the best of light lately, but you can’t deny that he achieved a heck of a lot more than an ordinary man. For that, he’s still my hero.


  1. Great Like You says:

    wow, you seem like an amazing person. You can expect me to follow your journey to the top of the world

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