On Being Average.

Just another day at the track.

The successful man is the average man, focused. – Source unknown

Today at the track I came across a curious incident.

Was having a brief chat with another athlete and he mentioned how he was feeling mentally down and facing a lack of motivation to continue training. He’s one of the younger guys so I told him to look up to his training partner, who’s quite a bit older and has been here for many many years, still able to put in effort and remain focused on training.

Whilst I understand how the lack of performance this season so far is frustrating him as he expects highly of himself (rightfully so I must add), the next line he replied really got me thinking.

Referring to his training partner he said, “but what has he achieved?”

Whilst both of them are my good mates at the track, and that I know he has no ill intention in what he said, he does have a valid point.

We all dream of being great and successful when we were growing up.

Heck to be honest I once dreamt that I could stand on the podium during the Olympics someday.

But the truth is there has only ever been 25 Olympic Decathlon Gold medallist (first Olympic decathlon held 1904) whilst there had been thousands of decathletes all over the world who has come and gone since then.

But are any of the guys on top more important than the rest of us below?

I would dare to say no.

I once read a passage that said something like this: ‘Do you think that the stone on the very top of the mountain thinks that it’s more important than the stones that form the base below?’

I think we each play a role in this world bigger than we can see or imagine, no matter where we’re at.

When I first completed my decathlon last year, I was pretty much last ranked in the competition and for 11 events at my local club (they put out a list at the entrance of my track to rank everybody in the current season).

A year on I’m still at the bottom for the majority of them, but at least I’ve become a contender for the shot put.

However more importantly, I find myself in a position that I can help shape the future of my sport back home and make changes that perhaps could help others along their way in the future.

People will always judge you, but it’s ok.

You are the one and only person that you have to live with for the rest of your life.

March to your own tune and make your own music.

Colour your world the way you see fit and decorate your life.

Because even if you haven’t realised it, let me tell you a little secret.

Your life is amazing.

So this is to the average dudes out there just like me.

Average is amazing. 😉


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