On choosing.

Learning from the best.

Learning from the best.

At work today, I think I finally made the mental flip.

I realised, this will never be my life’s greatest work.

You only got one shot at life, why not make it your best shot?

You choose the life you want to live, period.

Don’t make any excuses for it.

I can’t once again use my family or the business as an excuse.

In fact, no excuse is good enough anymore.


Whatever it takes.

Dominique Arnold, 12.90s PB for the 110m Hurdles, in Singapore giving a hurdles workshop.

The lessons:

Don’t take your words lightly. Don’t take other people’s words heavily.

Don’t ever put yourself down or say things you do not want, once you said it you just made it possibly real. Control your thoughts, change your world.

If you don’t take it seriously, you don’t get serious results.

Don’t expect to be good at anything if you’re just ‘trying it out’. You want to get good, you work at it, hard.

Never say ‘I’m tired.’ To say it is to give in. You must push through.

What did you expect from a work out? It’s going to hurt, but accept it and push through. Don’t be a whiner.

Doubt comes from the lack of knowledge.

First you must know, then you can do. Then you do a lot, then you get good at what you do.

No limitations. Don’t put a limit on what you can do.

Usain Bolt on his first ever 100m race talking to Dominique and other experienced track athletes before race starts: ‘I’m going to go out and run fast.’

Notice that he never says, well maybe I’ll run a 10.2s or 10.3s?

He just says he’s going to run fast.

He ran 10.03s in his first ever 100m race.

Don’t ever put a limit on what you can do before you even start, because you never know what you are truly capable of.

These are the lessons I’ve learnt over the past two days attending the hurdles workshop by Dominique Arnold. Such a humble and great guy who’s eager to pass on all the lessons he has learnt on and off the track to help others to succeed.

And once again, I notice how these individuals who achieve success behaves, they simply believe in doing whatever it takes.

So, note to self: Whatever it takes, I will do.

Faith, Focus, Follow Up.

Loughborough Olympians, Mr Kunalan and wife along with Helena Wong.

Faith in yourself.

Focus in what you do.

Follow up on the things that need doing.

Attended Loughborough Alumni’s event in Singapore last weekend and met some old friends along with new amazing people.

One of the distinguished Singapore Loughborough Alumni members was Mr Leong Horn Kee, former MP and current ambassador to Mexico. He gave a short speech and towards the end shared a short message that he would like us ‘younger’ alumni members to keep in mind.

3 Fs, that was how he put it.

Faith. Focus. Follow up.

And seeing my fellow coursemate Helena Wong who became Singapore’s first female olympic weightlifter, I wondered to myself, how different will it be if I managed the 3 Fs 4 years ago before I went to Loughborough. Will I be closer to who I wanted to be right now?

Sadly, yes.

But it’s never too late to be who you want to be.

p.s. apologies for the lack of updates on my blog, definitely something I will need to follow up on more closely! I find there are too many interesting events and lessons I encounter day to day and would really like to share them with you, so I better keep up with my blogging!

Let that which is unimportant truly slide.

Open skies, open up your mind.

Went to the beach and just sat down for a bit.

Free your mind.

On Bali.

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Recharged, refreshed, restarted.

Funny how leaving Singapore for just 2 days put everything back into perspective.

I guess it reminded me that this is just a passing moment, all my struggles here just a temporal disruption to the reality that I am building for myself.

Fighters fight, and I’m going to keep fighting till I get this right.

Reading Arnold’s biography made me realise, I was way too lazy for the past 25 years of my life. There he was, being a champion body builder, running a mail order business, a real estate business, a construction business and aspiring Hollywood leading actor.

I’m amazed at how he is able to so clearly visualise in his head where he is directing his life towards and how committed he is to drive towards it. Of the millions of obstacles that stood in his way, he just methodically broke each one down in front of him until there was none left. That’s how you succeed.

After reflecting on it, I realised it’s time to stop being a wuss, it’s time to commit.

I am going to the SEA games in 2013. No excuses.

I don’t care how many early morning sessions at the track, late nights in the gym or how many times I have to pass out and see my own vomit.

Not even if along the way I have to build a 100 million dollar company will be good enough an excuse anymore.

And I’m going to do whatever it takes to get to where I want to be.

And I really want to thank everyone who’s followed this blog or supported me, you guys are a large reason why I’m still here, still running.

Likewise to all the doubters, to everyone who’s written me off, including my parents who still thinks I’m wasting my time with my sport, I thank each and everyone for you. Because of your hate and ignorance, it makes my 10 times more committed and determined to succeed.

I’ma be what I set out to be, without a doubt, undoubtedly. And all those who look down on me, I’m tearing down your balcony. 

On Losing It.

Back in 2011, floating around the dead sea.

What just happened?

How the heck did I let these two weeks just slip by?

How did I end up so far away from where I want to be?

Did try to start training, but then with the overwhelming work and my tendency for insomnia, I quickly fell sick.

And work, gosh, I don’t even know how to explain.

Sometimes being born in a family business has both it’s blessings and it’s curse.

At times I do want to walk away, knowing that this isn’t ultimately what I want to do and that the enjoyment I get out of it is very, very minimal. I did it once before and that was the best decision I made 4 years ago.

Now though, I know it’s not just about me.

Staff in the company are dependent on me to carry this forward and through.

I guess that’s what growing up is about, you realise it’s no longer just about you. The decisions you make has far reaching consequences that affect many others, hence the weight of the world on your shoulders greatly increases.

So do I just give up? Resign to my fate?

I choose not to.

This is gonna require all my strength to turn my life and the company around, but I’m not gonna just let my life as a decathlete go just like that. I gave too damn much just to give up now.

One way or another, I’m gonna figure this out.

How do I get back to the beaches of Malibu?

How do I go back floating around the Middle East?

I still believe.

On Making It, or Breaking It.

Better, Never, Stops.

Work 1 – Me 0

I guess I let work get to me this week.

Being hit by ‘reality’ in the face full force has a nasty way of putting you down.

I got reminded of all my shortcomings, all my past failures.

This was pretty much the life I tried so long to run away from and now I’m back in it.

Is this it? Is the rest of my life just going to be like that?

I choose not to believe so.

I believe in change.

I believe in better.

I believe that I can change whatever surroundings or situation I am in for the better tomorrow.

I won’t give up, I can’t.

Tomorrow starts my winter training phase to prepare for my decathlon season next year.

I guess now, I really will find out what I’m actually made of.

I’ll know tomorrow morning when I get up at 5.30am to hit the track.

Whether I’m still willing to leave it all at the track, and then head to work after.

Time to do something.

On Being Back In Singapore.

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I mean, whoa……

I really forgot how fast and punishing the pace of life can be back in Singapore.

There I was back in Loughborough, living a nice and easy life in the English country side, next thing I know I’m stuck back into the thick of things back in Singapore.

I must apologise for the lack of updates in the past two weeks, it has been one heck of a hectic ride.

Came back finding the family business needing a bit of sorting out.

I guess I can’t shun away from my responsibilities, but at the same time I see the endless possibilities.

Singapore’s pretty crazy, very energetic, a little bit too much tension, but loads of money flowing around which equates to plenty of business opportunities.

Funny thing is that even though my degree was in Sports Science and Management (which has almost nothing to do with the nature of business), somehow what I’ve done over the past few years armed me with something much more valuable than a degree.

It taught me that it can be done, and that the world is for your taking.

1 more week of ‘rest’ before I have to start fitting in my winter training phase along with my crazy working hours.

It can be done.

It has to.

Let’s see what I’m actually made of.



On Coming Back to Singapore

Heathrow Airport, en-route to Singapore. Better Never Stops.

So I’ve come full circle, back to where I began.

You know how they say, when you’ve gone one round and get back to the start, everything will feel the same, yet everything has changed.

And then you realise that it actually is you who have changed.

Got back to Singapore on Thursday evening and pretty much got back to my old life pretty swiftly.

Back to meeting my old friend, staying in my old home and heading back to do the same stuff before I left 4 years ago.

But somehow, I can feel that this time I doing it as a slightly different person, and that I’m heading towards another slightly different direction.

I think what has changed in the past 4 years is that somehow I used to think that it was possible to do anything in life, and so I tried.

Now I know that it is possible to do anything in life, and so I’m working towards it.

I wore that band around my right wrist during my last few training sessions in Loughborough and during my last decathlon to remind myself, Better Never Stops.

And I can’t stop now.

3 more weeks of rest, winter training begins.

p.s. thought I’d have a change in theme to reflect this next chapter of my life, something lighter now to reflect the brighter days ahead =)

On Leaving Loughborough.

Made it through my 7th decathlon in Surrey. My MBII made it through looking a lot better than I did.

And with that, it draws my time here in the UK to a close.

Tomorrow morning I will be leaving Loughborough for London and the day after catch a flight back to Singapore.

The past few days has been extremely stressful for myself, you kind of forget how much junk you actually fill your life with until you start to move and clear out your house. I guess I under-estimated the task and by the decathlon I tired myself out simply by moving the boxes up and down stairs all day long.

It’s not the fairy tale ending to this journey, but then it wasn’t really a bad one either.

I fought from start to finish, I saw what I had to do through.

And in the end, I will look back at these 4 years of my life and think, damn, did I really go out and do all that?

Wrote a message to my friends on my facebook earlier today, would like to share that here too:

You know how they say you either get results or you have a story. I hate the fact that I have that many stories to tell. Finished my last decathlon here yesterday, didn’t managed a PB though, ran the best hurdles race in my life till I crashed hurdle 9 and did my left ankle in.

Thought I’d at least break 5k by now, but oh well, lived to fight another day.

Just want to thank everyone for these past 4 years here in Loughborough and the UK. It’s really been an awesome journey. Though many a times I felt like the kid in the video below training and competing with you guys, I can’t say how lucky I am to have met so many amazing coaches, athletes, track-mates and friends along the way. Especially to my training partners Adrian Hemery and Maxim Hall (and for a very brief period of time Lydia Philpott), my coaches and the rest of the Loughborough decathletes, you guys helped me from 0 to 4500, couldn’t have done each point without you guys.

And the rest of the decathletes I’ve met around the circuit, you guys must be the most awesome bunch of people in the world. After watching and hearing about it for so long, all I can say is that the brotherhood is real.

It’s amazing what you can do with your life when you have a dream, find the guts to go for it and refuse to give up. Doesn’t always go your way, but damn it sure makes life a heck of a lot more interesting.

So Loughborough, thank you for the memories and goodbye for now. =,)


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