On Being Honest.

Bruce Lee. Picture from runningonmylastleg.wordpress.com

To be honest with yourself, that is something really difficult to do. – Bruce Lee.

I just got reminded of his words watching the very inspirational interview by Nicholas Tse on leadership.

Somehow the interview really struck me, maybe it’s because I am also in a unique position of trying to lead my father’s company.

Then I realise, I’m not being completely honest with myself.

I keep using that as an excuse to skip a training session, to miss another workout.

It’s not what I truly love the most.

And as a result at work I’m not exactly being the best that I can be as well.

I already know what I want.

I still want to run.

I still want to be a great decathlete.

I know I’m still very far away, but at the same time my potential is yet to be fulfilled.

Time to be honest with myself.

7am at the track tomorrow, training with James Wong who’s making a come back for this year’s SEA games.

The lie stops here.

The life starts now.

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