On 2012.

Happiest time, at Malibu California.

Happiest time of 2012, at the beaches of California.

’25 is a scary age.’

That was my first entry of my journal for the year 2012.

Today is the last day of 2012.

I’m not going to write this entry like how I did for 2011, somehow this time around I feel a little more somber, a little more grey (just like the weather here in Singapore incidentally, dark gloomy and raining currently).

I must say, it has been an awfully eventful year.

I dropped out of school and finished 15 years of formal education, bought my first house, went to California for almost a month and met all my track & field heroes, finished a few more decathlons, watched the London Olympics come and go, moved back to Singapore from Loughborough.

And in a sense I feel like I’ve come full circle, right back to where I began, yet everything has changed because I have changed.

At times I was awfully depressed, realising that I’ve failed to do what I’ve set out to do. Yet I’m still optimistic because I realised/learnt that it actually can be done.

So I guess I just got to keep going and keep doing.

It can be a cold cold world out there, so if you’re feeling as messed up and confused as I am sometimes, don’t worry, we’re going to keep going until we figure it out yeah?

I still believe.

Happy New Year Everyone! To 2013! =)

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