On Working.

My day job, construction.

My day job, construction.

So I’ve spent the past 10 weeks back in Singapore from UK to a job that I ran away from 4 years ago to pursue my dreams as a decathlete.

At first my mind and my body rejected it.

Everyday I asked myself why.

Why did I come back to this mess, away from what I want to be doing.

But I guess for a large part of it, I was angry at myself that I’ve been lazy for the past four years.

I should have spent the times when I wasn’t training working harder at my studies or at establishing other sources of income.

Reading Arnold Schwarzenegger’s biography made me realised I lacked the insane focus and insane amount of hard work needed to get good at any one thing. (Whilst Arnold was a bodybuilder, he worked as a gym instructor and ran a construction business, went into the real estate business and continued on to become an actor and a governor.)

Sequential focus is the key.

Focus at one thing at a time, do it well, then move on.

24 hours in a day.

Even training for 5 hours a day leaves 19 hours for whatever else you want to do with your life.

And after 10 weeks, I’ve finally come to terms with what I actually enjoy and want to do in terms of work.

I want to build a better future.

Back in the company, I want to build a better future for my colleagues and my parents.

At the track, I want to run fast, jump and throw far.

And maybe in my own small way because of that, I want to build a better country.

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