Whatever it takes.

Dominique Arnold, 12.90s PB for the 110m Hurdles, in Singapore giving a hurdles workshop.

The lessons:

Don’t take your words lightly. Don’t take other people’s words heavily.

Don’t ever put yourself down or say things you do not want, once you said it you just made it possibly real. Control your thoughts, change your world.

If you don’t take it seriously, you don’t get serious results.

Don’t expect to be good at anything if you’re just ‘trying it out’. You want to get good, you work at it, hard.

Never say ‘I’m tired.’ To say it is to give in. You must push through.

What did you expect from a work out? It’s going to hurt, but accept it and push through. Don’t be a whiner.

Doubt comes from the lack of knowledge.

First you must know, then you can do. Then you do a lot, then you get good at what you do.

No limitations. Don’t put a limit on what you can do.

Usain Bolt on his first ever 100m race talking to Dominique and other experienced track athletes before race starts: ‘I’m going to go out and run fast.’

Notice that he never says, well maybe I’ll run a 10.2s or 10.3s?

He just says he’s going to run fast.

He ran 10.03s in his first ever 100m race.

Don’t ever put a limit on what you can do before you even start, because you never know what you are truly capable of.

These are the lessons I’ve learnt over the past two days attending the hurdles workshop by Dominique Arnold. Such a humble and great guy who’s eager to pass on all the lessons he has learnt on and off the track to help others to succeed.

And once again, I notice how these individuals who achieve success behaves, they simply believe in doing whatever it takes.

So, note to self: Whatever it takes, I will do.


  1. good to see you are still enjoying your athletics Yong Sheng. I am friends with Mr James Wong on facebook and him and the new admin in Singapore seem to be doing a great job.

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