Faith, Focus, Follow Up.

Loughborough Olympians, Mr Kunalan and wife along with Helena Wong.

Faith in yourself.

Focus in what you do.

Follow up on the things that need doing.

Attended Loughborough Alumni’s event in Singapore last weekend and met some old friends along with new amazing people.

One of the distinguished Singapore Loughborough Alumni members was Mr Leong Horn Kee, former MP and current ambassador to Mexico. He gave a short speech and towards the end shared a short message that he would like us ‘younger’ alumni members to keep in mind.

3 Fs, that was how he put it.

Faith. Focus. Follow up.

And seeing my fellow coursemate Helena Wong who became Singapore’s first female olympic weightlifter, I wondered to myself, how different will it be if I managed the 3 Fs 4 years ago before I went to Loughborough. Will I be closer to who I wanted to be right now?

Sadly, yes.

But it’s never too late to be who you want to be.

p.s. apologies for the lack of updates on my blog, definitely something I will need to follow up on more closely! I find there are too many interesting events and lessons I encounter day to day and would really like to share them with you, so I better keep up with my blogging!

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