On Making It, or Breaking It.

Better, Never, Stops.

Work 1 – Me 0

I guess I let work get to me this week.

Being hit by ‘reality’ in the face full force has a nasty way of putting you down.

I got reminded of all my shortcomings, all my past failures.

This was pretty much the life I tried so long to run away from and now I’m back in it.

Is this it? Is the rest of my life just going to be like that?

I choose not to believe so.

I believe in change.

I believe in better.

I believe that I can change whatever surroundings or situation I am in for the better tomorrow.

I won’t give up, I can’t.

Tomorrow starts my winter training phase to prepare for my decathlon season next year.

I guess now, I really will find out what I’m actually made of.

I’ll know tomorrow morning when I get up at 5.30am to hit the track.

Whether I’m still willing to leave it all at the track, and then head to work after.

Time to do something.

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