On Leaving Loughborough.

Made it through my 7th decathlon in Surrey. My MBII made it through looking a lot better than I did.

And with that, it draws my time here in the UK to a close.

Tomorrow morning I will be leaving Loughborough for London and the day after catch a flight back to Singapore.

The past few days has been extremely stressful for myself, you kind of forget how much junk you actually fill your life with until you start to move and clear out your house. I guess I under-estimated the task and by the decathlon I tired myself out simply by moving the boxes up and down stairs all day long.

It’s not the fairy tale ending to this journey, but then it wasn’t really a bad one either.

I fought from start to finish, I saw what I had to do through.

And in the end, I will look back at these 4 years of my life and think, damn, did I really go out and do all that?

Wrote a message to my friends on my facebook earlier today, would like to share that here too:

You know how they say you either get results or you have a story. I hate the fact that I have that many stories to tell. Finished my last decathlon here yesterday, didn’t managed a PB though, ran the best hurdles race in my life till I crashed hurdle 9 and did my left ankle in.

Thought I’d at least break 5k by now, but oh well, lived to fight another day.

Just want to thank everyone for these past 4 years here in Loughborough and the UK. It’s really been an awesome journey. Though many a times I felt like the kid in the video below training and competing with you guys, I can’t say how lucky I am to have met so many amazing coaches, athletes, track-mates and friends along the way. Especially to my training partners Adrian Hemery and Maxim Hall (and for a very brief period of time Lydia Philpott), my coaches and the rest of the Loughborough decathletes, you guys helped me from 0 to 4500, couldn’t have done each point without you guys.

And the rest of the decathletes I’ve met around the circuit, you guys must be the most awesome bunch of people in the world. After watching and hearing about it for so long, all I can say is that the brotherhood is real.

It’s amazing what you can do with your life when you have a dream, find the guts to go for it and refuse to give up. Doesn’t always go your way, but damn it sure makes life a heck of a lot more interesting.

So Loughborough, thank you for the memories and goodbye for now. =,)


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