Even the Sun Sets in Paradise.

Even the sun sets in paradise. One of my last few days at the Loughborough Track.

When it comes to an end, you realise that everything you’re doing, you may be doing it for one very last time.

One last time I’m at the track jumping, one last time I’m at the the track running.

I guess having spent 4 years here, it has been a large part of my life.

And as much as I hate to leave, I know that it’s time to go.

Last year when I graduated, I knew the job hasn’t been done and I would have never forgave myself if I went back then.

This time, somehow I know it’s right to go.

As they say, everything that has a beginning, has an end.

I guess that’s just the way life works, because if it didn’t, we’ll take everything for granted and not savour the beauty of each moment.

Looking back, man it has been amazing.

So I guess this is what it means when people say ‘go live your dreams’. =)

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