On the Law of Success

Law of Success by Napoleon Hill, great book to read.

Amidst my packing, I have finally completed reading the Law of Success by Napoleon Hill.

Firstly this is a big book (1035 pages), I must have bought it more than 5 years ago back in Singapore but never really got around finish reading the entire thing.

Whilst I enjoy reading so called ‘Success literature’, I always take everything with a pinch of salt and know that there are more bullshit out there in the ‘Self-Help’ section of a book store than there are actual useful stuff.

(Always liked this scene from School for Scoundrels, watch at 0.40)

Anyway there are a few good books that have genuinely good concepts and ideas out there, this will be one of them.

Below is a questionaire at the start of the book which I’ve completed about 5 years ago, to score myself in each of the 16 Laws upon 100, I’ve put my new scores that I just did yesterday to the right of my original scores. Have a go yourself and see how you fare!

5 years ago Now
The Master Mind (Having a good team) 70 50
A Definite Chief Aim 50 30
Self Confidence 60 50
The Habit of Saving 10 0
Initiative & Leadership 50 60
Imagination 75 50
Enthusiasm 60 50
Self-Control 50 40
The Habit of Doing More Than Paid For 60 70
A Pleasing Personality 70 80
Accurate Thinking 50 80
Concentration 40 50
Cooperation 70 55
Profiting by Failure 50 80
Tolerance 70 80
Practicing the Golden Rule 60 90
Average 56 57.19

Interestingly,I thought I would have scored worst now than 5 years ago before I compared the results. The reason for that is sometimes now I feel a little lost in the sense that I’ve finished this 5 years and failed to achieve what I set out to do, hence now I got to figure out what to do next.

But when the averages are compared, I’ve actually improved by roughly 1 point.

5 years on and 1 point of personal growth.

Can’t say it’s been amazing, but then looking at the specific categories, I started to see why.

The dreaming side of things, like ‘A Definite Chief Aim’ and ‘Self Confidence’, have definitely taken a hit from my failures, but at the same time the doing side of things, like ‘Profiting from Failure’ and ‘Accurate Thinking’, have definitely improved.

My weakest point ‘The Habit of Saving’ still remains. I used to blame the fact that I have irregular income sources due to the nature of business and thus it is hard to be budgeting and saving, but I know that is just an excuse and I am determined to work on this factor everyday.

So to sum it up, I think what happened was that in the last 5 years, I set out with a huge dream but I didn’t really know how to go about doing it, thus I failed.

Now, I know how to go about doing it, but then I’m a little afraid to dream as big because now I know there’s a heck of a lot of work to be done to achieve it, and also having failed before doubt now sometimes overtake the desire to keep dreaming.

So, do I just back off, resign to my fate (if there is such a thing) and accept my limits of today as the limits of my future?

Or do I now armed with the experience of my failures and the knowledge of how to be doing, dare to dream big again and work 10 times as hard as I used to in order to get to where I want to be?

Well I think you know the answer to that. 😉

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