Hold on to the Dream.

Hurdles training 24/07/2012

Had a hurdle session today, block starts over 4 hurdles placed 1 foot in at 1m high (1 click below full competition height).

Hurdles is one of the events that I’ve always struggled with right from the start, in fact, I have never completed a race with 3 strides down all the way yet.

Today, whilst my technique wasn’t quite there as my legs were still heavy from yesterday’s hard 400m session, I was still going through each of my runs successfully. And then it struck me, gosh I’ve come a long way haven’t I?

So I went to look back at some of my video footages attempting hurdles a few years back, gosh the difference, take a look for yourself.

I guess for most of us, it always seem to take a heck of a lot longer than we though or hoped, but don’t give up. Hold on, work hard, you’ll get better I promise.

Hold on to the dream.


  1. Looking good bro (=

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