On Not Giving Up

At the track this morning with William and our coach George.

Olympic Trials, just a reminder of how harsh the world of sport can be, but I guess in a sense, it’s just reflecting the nature of the brutal world as it is.

You train your arse off for 4 years, give up so much, have so much potential, was on your way to live your dreams, and then it all comes crashing down.

The two athletes that I look up to the most, and had the pleasure of knowing, didn’t quite have their Olympic Trials go according to plan.

Bryan Clay crashed hurdle 9 and initially DQ-ed the hurdles race, only to have it re-instated after appeal when he fouled out 3 throws in the discus.

William Sharman, who had a hard season due to injuries and such (I know because I actually train with him and have the same coach), lost out to two younger up and coming hurdle stars and lost the 3rd place by 0.03s.

But what makes a champ in this harsh world? I realise what’s on the inside is a heck of a lot more important than what happens on the outside, because eventually, the light from within always shines through.

Bryan Clay went on and finished the decathlon, even though he knew he ruined his chances of making it to the Olympics, because he didn’t want to let his kids see him quitting. He wanted to be a good role model and he still is.

William, still got one final shot because of the UK’s discretionary 3rd slot system, he’ll be running this weekend in the European championships. And let me tell you this, we’re at the track this morning working, and I still believe in him.

I think that’s what I’ve noticed champions have, the ability to give everything no matter what and never giving up. They might not always win, life isn’t always that kind and many are equally deserving, but you can never rule them out until it’s over because to them it doesn’t matter what the odds are until the end.

And we can ask ourselves, how can we be a little bit more like them? What would you be doing if you’re not gonna give up?

Then do it.

Never Give Up.

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