On Following Through

This building could have been mine, if I followed through.

I know myself that I’m a really good starter, I find it easy to take the first step, make the commitment to certain things, but I have a horrible tendency of not following through.

And that just feeds into my fear that is slowly turning true, that I’m gonna be one of those guys that almost could, went around trying so many things and had so much potential when he was young, but it kinda just never happened.

I’m almost 25 now.

And this habit of not following through has just filled my life up with half-baked projects, unnecessary purchases that would have been a good buy if I actually used it and followed through.

All the gear and no idea.

I don’t want to be like that anymore.

Pushing through as a decathlete for the past 6 years have filled me with the confidence that I have the guts to see things through, now I just got to bring that same state into all the other things I do.

The building above was in the auction at London that I went for, I made the calculations, know the mortgage brokers, made the contact with the investors that could fund it, found the perfect use of the building to generate the kind of cash flow that makes it worthwhile, but I didn’t finish bits of the business plan and go through the legal pack to find out what are the exact things that I needed to do to make it fly. If I had followed through to the end, I know that it would have been a good buy, the building went to a bidder for a really good price.

I’m know I’m oh so close, I have to find the guts to see this through.

Make at least one definite move daily toward your goal. – Bruce Lee

Go make that move, now, and follow through.

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