Every Tear Drop is A Waterfall.

This is what a truely awesome concert looks like. Coldplay Mylo Xyloto @ Manchester 2012

I was at Coldplay’s concert in Manchester last Sunday and gosh, what an amazing experience that was. Somehow that to me is artistry at its highest, being able to communicate emotional content through sonic vibrations and visual extravagance. It was also a reminder to me on what a person can achieve being at the top of their game, relentlessly honing their craft.

I do wonder what will be my life’s greatest work, now that at 25 it just seems like this is the time to make it happen.

I seem to be torn between many identities at times, trying to be a decathlete, businessman, trader, and investor at the same time. With only 24 hours a day sometimes I just feel that I’m doing too much yet not doing the important things enough.

As one dream concludes, I still dream about my future.

Do I still dare to dream as big as I used to when I was young and idealistic? Or do I start to accept what I have fallen into now that I’m older and experienced?

I guess only time can tell.

In a perfect world, I will break 6000 points for decathlon by the end of the season, move back to Singapore for a year to prepare for the SEA games 2013 and get the business in Singapore running back in shape. After which I would come back to the UK for a season to prepare for the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow 2014 and by then my property portfolio here in the UK will be sizable and the internet company will be generating good revenues.

And when that’s done, I’ll head over to buy a house at Zuma beach and chill in California for a while.

Sounds like a pretty crazy future doesn’t it?

Haha, but dreams are just dreams and it’s always fun dreaming about the future.

But as what a good friend of mine said, the present is the only place where the future can be created. Having the guts to live in the present and do the work for the future is something that I must strive to everyday.

I hope you do too.

Will leave you with Coldplay’s performance for Steve Job after he passed away to celebrate his life. Song is about grabbing every day and treating it like your last, cheers!

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