On Finding Meaning.

I got a new wallet.

Well, by all accounts I must admit it is a rather expensive wallet.

It’s made in a factory at Somerset. (Mulberry is the name of the brand in case you were wondering.)

After travelling around and visiting all those amazing museums, I’ve realised that things have meaning because you give it so.

As I approach my 25th anniversary on earth (less than a month away now…), I feel that this is a scary time of my life, simply because I’ve ran out of signpost to tell me where I should be going next.

When you’re in school, you always know what you have to do to do well and where you have to look to find out where you should go next. Now, you reach the open seas where basically you can go where ever you like. You might end up somewhere amazing, or somewhere incredibly dull, or not move at all. You have to choose whether you dare to lose sight of the shoreline and risk the dangers of the open sea.

And at the base of it, I always wonder whether there is any meaning to all this. I remember laying on the deserts of Jordan and staring into the universe above me, feeling incredibly small.

The reason why I bought this wallet is because I wanted to remember, the horrible cold, wet and gloomy British weather that unleashed itself upon us during the Somerset decathlon.

I wanted to remember how despite that, the warmth of the human spirit that you always experience during the decathlon thanks to the other decathletes which for some reason always turn out to be awesome human beings.

I wanted to remember how though I pulled my hip flexor during event 1 and was feeling incredibly down, it was really up to me on how to turn things around.

And it serving as a memento, I will carry it forward as I head into the next decathlon tomorrow, the English Combined Events Championships.

The next pages of my journal are still empty. Time to continue writing a beautiful story.

Let’s write a good ending to this chapter shall we?

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