Beautifully Analog

Recieved a post from my friend who does not use facebook. I guess this is the way to actually share photos and send messages.

Sometimes it is good to be reminded of a world without the fanciful technology and how easy it has allowed many things to be.

Keeping in touch with a friend just isn’t like it is any more is it with social networks.

There’s just something amazingly beautiful about analog. Things seem to cost more, in terms of money and effort, but as a result things are worth a lot more.

I must admit I spend a great part of my time on the computer when I’m not at the track, both for work and for wasting my life away.

And don’t get me wrong, I’m not technologically adverse, in fact I love technology (and own too many gadgets). I do feel that they can help us do amazing things.

But when you realise that the most common uses of powerful smart phones and tablets is to play games (just take a look at the top grossing hits on the app store), it really does make you wonder doesn’t it?

So let’s make a change shall we? You and I, let’s focus on using computers and internet as tools to change and enrich our lives, produce wonderful things and make what progress we can instead of becoming slaves to a fluroscent lit screen.

Let’s start learning to ride properly on this bicycle for the mind.

In other news, English Combined Events championships this weekend. 1 year sure goes by quick.

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