On Feeling Demotivated.

Looking down at my worn and tired trainers.

Something happened to me this week and I can’t really explain why.

I suddenly find myself having to literally drag myself to the track. Somehow I suddenly don’t feel as motivated to be there any more.

I’m not sure why it suddenly happened, and it made me realise how lucky I am to be able to go through all those thousands of hours of training all these years.

What has changed? The reality that I’m very unlikely to make it to where I want to be? The short trip back to Singapore that made me realise its time to go home?

Or is this just a passing phase that everyone feels once in a while (like the cycle between being happy and sad)?

Luckily for me once I actually get to the track I feel alright. High jump session two days ago was a realisation of 2 years of work (I can actually high jump now, instead of low jump), and it is immensely satisfying.

As I always tell myself, I got to turn things around.

Not just on the track but for my life as well. Nobody’s going to be able to do that except for myself.

Go the distance, make it count.

Found my favourite motivational video, hope you find beauty and wisdom in those words and images too.


  1. I think everyone goes through periods of being down.

    I have felt demotivated and even condemned myself a failure not once, but many times in life. For myself, maybe it is a reflection of working so hard but not achieving what I desire, an emotion as simple and pure as the joy and satisfaction of doing something well, and each time striving to do it better and wanting to do more of it. The other feeling called “Motivation”.

    Although you might not be able to afford the time, taking some time off and just completely stopping what you are doing may be best. Think through why you are not feeling motivated, reassess your goals, and just clear your head. Not to mention, it sometimes helps with technique (and performance) subsequently when you are also using that time to think through your events and not just going out there and losing yourself in it, the old hardcore way 🙂

    Anyway a nice video and also congratulations on your breakthrough in high jumping! 🙂

    – Seek not for fleeting glory, but for never ending improvement. All the best to you.

    • Yong Sheng says:

      Hey bro, thank you for your encouraging words and never ending support. Yeah you’re right, everyone goes through the highs and the lows. I guess for me it just feels like I’ve been here and doing this for a long time now, perhaps a change is needed, and truth be told, change is going to be forced upon us whether we like it or not. Hope you’re finding the impending change in your life graduating form uni an exciting one!

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