On Rainy Days.

Because not everyday is a sunny day. LA, Santa Monica Beach April 2012

So Day 2 of the decathlon didn’t actually happen, the winds were so strong that they cancelled the event due to safety concerns.

All in all, even though I didn’t get a good performance on day 1, it was still a good weekend out to test the fitness I have. Definitely realised the work I have to do before the next decathlon which will be due in less than a month.

I’ve also realised that I got to turn things around. Nothing’s going to happen if you don’t make it happen.

Between now till the next decathlon there is a lot of work to be done. Speed work is the key.

This is my life.

I’m doing what I love.

It’s not always easy.

Not everything always goes your way.

Change what you can, accept what you cannot.

Make the very best out of where you are.

Enjoy the ride. =)


  1. The countdown begins.. says:

    Hope your ankle has recovered by now! And yep, enjoy the ride 🙂

    Will be soon before I get released back into the fields and then it will be time to go wild on the iron 🙂

    • Yong Sheng says:

      thks bro, ankle and foot is a lot better now. Hope your exams have gone well and have a good few months of holiday ahead!

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