On Keeping Focused.

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One of the big problems I find with my life is that with so many things going on, I find it hard to focus and get what I really need by doing what I have to do.

I have this strange habit of going into cycles of hyper-productivity and hyper-procrastination. Often with too many things that I have to do on my mind, I end up doing nothing.

I guess that’s one of the reason why I’m drawn to Bauhaus design and want to throw everything out of my apartment and get rid of this clutter in my room.

As I’ve tweeted before, I do believe the state of your room is reflective of the state of your mind.

Right now, being involved with property deals, trying to get this online business up and running along with trying to get my training in order for this crucial season does seem to be leaving my mind and my room in a mess.

I need to focus.

But what is it that I should focus on?

I guess that comes to the bigger question of what I really want.

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