On Pursuing Passions.

A beautiful sunny day at the track.

These days with me being injured and having left my postgrad course, I often ask myself why I’m still here doing what I’m doing, especially with my odds of actually achieving what I originally set out to do diminishing day by day.

I must have posted a gazillion entries on this topic, but it still remains on the back of my head so I guess I will give it another post.

I wonder at times whether I’ve actually made the right decision or if it’s all going to end up horribly wrong. I wonder whether one day I’ll think back and realise I’ve thrown away my youth to something that wasn’t real.

I guess this confusion with life generally doesn’t go away, not for me at least, but what I’ve realised not being able to run, jump and throw these few weeks, was that I really loved to run, jump and throw.

There’s something about running fast, jumping high and throwing far that makes life beautiful.

For a while now, especially since reading Michael Johnson’s book ‘Gold Rush’ and Steve Jobs biography, I wondered if I am like these two greats who did what they did because they loved it, or if I am like almost everyone else who does it for the fame or money.

I must admit when I was younger I did set out wanting to become rich and famous, even with this blog I thought how cool it would be if I had a huge following and all.

But now as the years passed I realised that I’m actually ok with that not happening, because more than anything else, I realised that I actually loved what I do.

It makes me feel more alive than anywhere else being on the track, pushing myself to my physical limits and exploring certain movement patterns to execute proper technique.

And more than anything else now, what I really want to do is to live well, so that I can show to anyone else who’s wondering back there in Singapore, that it’s ok to take the road less travelled, that it’s ok to be brave and to pursue your passions.

Because if you want it bad enough, you’re going to figure it out.

So let’s figure it out.

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