On Helping Out

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So my foot’s still not well, the long trip up north I’ve only managed to do 1 of the 5 events and even that was really a bad result (11m for shot put, though I’m not too worried about it because I know if I get my left foot fixed, I’m actually in good shape).

But the long drive was worth it because I managed to help my ex-training partner achieve a championship record score and played the supporting role, helping him through the events.

The other day back in Lboro I was helping coach my current training partner and also found that I could really make a positive impact on their performances, which made me think that perhaps it’s time to be less selfish and focus on helping them rather than myself.

I guess I realised that they have a much better chance than me to get to where they want to go and that I have a genuine opportunity to help them get there.

I’ve already bought my plane tickets to Poland for a training camp with my hurdles group so that I can focus on my hurdles, but I think I’ve decided to go to California with my current training partner instead even though I’m not allowed to compete in the decathlon there, thus affecting my original competition schedule.

I’m doing so because I sincerely think I can help him get to the Olympics, I really do.

As for myself, well, everything in its time. =)

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