On Being Wonky

Got my physio to take look at my foot and strapped it up for the weekend.

Earlier today at the track…

*Waves, smile and hand shake* How’s it going?

Me: Not too bad, other than my left foot being a little wonky. *shows the strappings on my left foot.* How about yourself?

(conversation continues about how training is going and the competitions coming up.)

Well then all the best and I want you to get that foot unwonky! *points at my foot, smiles and leaves.*

Olympians, they just are a class apart aren’t they?

Ran into another decathlete whom I’ve competed with in the past, he’s been to the Olympics in Beijing representing UK back in 2008. He is not based in Loughborough so I occassionally meet him here and there at different events.

Someitmes life is as simple or as complicated as what you make out to be.

Time to get this foot unwonky.

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