On Transitional Spaces

Staircase-III by Do Ho Suh at the Tate Modern, London.

Was down at London today and spent a bit of time at the Tate Modern. One of the pieces really struck out to me, somehow the vast emptiness of the room, the bright lights and the simple display really made a connection.

When I learnt about the artist and the meaning of his expression, I began to understand why, have a look below.

‘I’ve been more interested in these transitional spaces rather than the destination because I truly believe that life is a passage way, I experience life moving through these different series of spaces.’

In my mid-twenties now, having graduated, nearing the end of my athletics career and stepping into the business side of things, I am currently moving through a transitional space.

Another piece that interested me was a series of portraits by an American artist Cindy Sherman (See link, first 4 items). She herself was the subject in all of them but with make-up and clothing, appeared as distinctively different people, male and female, different ages and occupations. Her idea was that our identity was who we act ourselves out to be.

So who am I?

And who am I acting out to be?

I realise a common thread that is currently going through my life is that I’m always in the process of becoming, always almost getting there but never really there, in sports, business and in life.

It’s time to stop acting out the struggling (athlete/businessman/human being) role, I’m quite tired of it.

Somehow I realised that what has to change is not that which surrounds me, but rather that which is within me.

It all begins with the state of the mind.

I already know what I need to do, I just need to go ahead and do it.

Time to be.

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