On the Years That’s Gone By.

That was me at 18 on the right, when I thought I was at the peak of physical ability. That is me today on the left, at 24 and 3/4.

I often forget how long it has been, always thinking if only I could get back to the days before I was injured in the army, when I was still fit and healthy.

Resting for these two days made me realise just how sore my knees actually were. Tried high jumping today and I knew my knees were pretty much having none of it.

It was a little worrying because the season is so damn close now, so little time left to get to where I wanted to be.

I still feel like I need to do that much more work, but then I took an honest look into the mirror and realised, well after so many years, this time I’m finally ready.

All those blood, sweat and tears shed, every muscle, cartilage and tendon torn, it all adds up.

I looked myself in the mirror and I know that I’ve already achieved what drove me all those years ago to start doing this.

I wanted to get well again.

I wanted to get out of the hospital bed and be strong again.

I wanted to fix my busted left knee and be able to run again.

You know my last post about genetic limits? Well I’m not sure if I’ve hit mine yet, but damn I’m a lot closer than I was at 18.

It’s not about doing any more work right now, I’ve done enough and I’ve bled enough already.

It’s time to get rested, get sharp and get quick, quality over quantity.

First decathlon of my last season in 6 weeks’ time, I’m ready.

Don’t give up you’re too strong.


  1. Time to Rock n Roll says:

    “It’s time to get rested, get sharp and get quick, quality over quantity.”

    Looking good Yong Sheng! Indeed, you nailed the essence of peaking for the competition. 加油 for your final phase of training! 🙂

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