On Being Uncomfortable.

Digging the roots out from the side of the house after a 4x300m session, not the most pleasant experience.

You want to know what’s even more unpleasant than working whilst you’re tired?


I got word in the morning that I will not be allowed to compete at the decathlon in California as my standard is too low. Guess that kinda bins my USA trip.

I’m frustrated not at the organiser but at myself, as my standard really is still way too low after such a long while.

Took the frustration out during training and then straight onto work at the house today. The 4x300m, the sawing of the trees at the front garden, the digging and pulling of roots out at the side of the house, all that was amazingly hard work compounded by the headache I always get after these anaerobic sessions.

But I made a decision, I don’t stop when I’m tired anymore, I stop when I’m done.

Time to finish the job.


  1. Thrower's Dilemma says:

    You may not make the grade now, but it does not mean that you’ll never make the grade. Only from the moment that you decide you had enough will your journey end.

    Limits are meant to be overcome, records are meant to be broken, and naysayers are meant to be proven wrong.

    But unlike the professionals we may not have the luxury of being able to commit ourselves full time into what we love when faced with societal pressure, time constraints, and other commitments. What is it that we truly seek?

    On a side note, after some technical work (and a few weeks of snatches) I’m beginning to see some improvement in my distances. My month end goal of breaking the 30m barrier is about to materialize..

    Stay hungry 🙂

  2. Bro, technique technique technique. You have way more strength than what your throws currently reflect.

    One thing I’ve learnt here is really our technical foundation is really rubbish. The other decathletes here all throw high 30s to 40s and they are no stronger than you. You really got to learn how to do the discus dance. Get your turns right, back to basics and I’ll join you in the 40m league when I get back to sg!

  3. The worst technician ever says:

    Haha yes! I’m probably one of the dumbest athletes of all time to only start concentrating hard on the minuscule details of my technique after all these years of sidelining it to absolute strength.

    And twice after what i decided was the end of this journey have i came back again, this time for many reasons.

    Hopefully I’ve wised up over the years and yeah, I’ll be waiting for your return to join me in a new league!

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