On My Last Pair of Spikes.

My new Asics Japan Lite-Ning with Nike High Jump 3 in the background.

Ordered a new pair of sprint spikes as my old ones started to tear, was deciding which pair to buy when I decided to splurge a little and bought myself a nice but rather expensive one.

It won’t make me go any faster, but damn I like that hidden tiger print.

I thought it may well be the very last pair of spikes I buy and run in, so why not.

Sometimes I struggle when I think that all these is coming to an end already, part of me wants to go on, another part wants to move on.

It’s like I can’t fault myself for not trying all these years, I really did. Maybe I didn’t try hard enough, but I can’t get back the time that’s already gone by.

Sometimes I wish my legs were alright, that I didn’t start off injured and pick up all those injuries through the years, that I could just run jump and throw like everyone else. But I’m still struggling for even just decent performances after all these while.

And because I’ve committed myself all these years to that one goal, I have weaned so far off the well-worn path that I have not the slightest idea where I’m heading.

All I know is that for now, each moment here training may well be my last, so each stride is a pleasure, each throw a gift and each jump is a leap of faith.

I worked hard through the years to put myself to where I am at, and even though it might not be as far as I originally wanted to be, I guess it’s time to savour the ride.

I still believe.

Do whatever it takes, cause you can’t rewind, a moment in this life.


  1. Hello bro, can I know which site you ordered from as most of the site I check, they only do delivery within US. Will appreciate if you could share on which site and how you ordered.. Thank you do much..

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