On Running Out of Time.

Another sunrise less in my life.

So it’s the middle of February already, not that many weeks left to get what I want to do done.

Was planning out the rest of my training and competition plan and it dawn upon me that, sh*t, it’s coming to an end.

I’m going to finish the indoor season with a pentathlon on the 18th of March up north in Gateshead and maybe a couple other small meets in the following week before heading to California for 3 weeks at the start of April for a training camp and compete in a decathlon there.

That would then bring me to the end of April and Woodford usually is at the start of May, leaving the English Championships at the start of June and that would be the last window for Olympic qualification.

Truth be told, I need nothing short of a miracle to get the Olympics B qualification mark since the window to get selected as a wildcard for Singapore has closed already.

I may be slightly delusional, but I feel that as long as I keep moving forwards a little bit every single day, I still have this small little chance that I’m fighting desperately to keep alive.

I’ve reached the point that every day, every session, every run is so damn precious and I guess that’s what time teaches you.

It teaches you to value things because eventually, you will run out of time. Time will pass and things will start to fade, whether you like it or not.

Maybe that’s why I’m drawn to each beautiful sunrise I get to see, because I know that I will never see the same sunrise ever again.

Watched the film In Time on my flight here and I must say it is such an interesting concept. In the film, people get paid and pay for things with time. When your time runs out, you die. The ‘rich’ live forever with loads of time and does everything slowly whilst the ‘poor’ can’t even afford to stand still and have to run from place to place just to make enough time to make it through the day alive.

Leaving the discussion about the social inequality aside, I think in reality we are all short of time, so stop living as if we’re going to live forever, we won’t.

Time to make it count.

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