Gonna Fly Now.

One last run into the sunrise at East Coast Park, Singapore.

24 Hours left in Singapore.

This trip back home, like always, has been an eventful one. It’s good seeing all my old friends moving on nicely in life and transiting into the working world, so many of them already working high paying jobs in respectably fields.

You see at the age of 25, that’s when your youthful dreams start to die.

You start to realise that you no longer have the time or opportunity to do everything that you wanted when you were young, simply because you’re not going to be young for that much longer.

I guess that is the conflict within me that I have been fighting with myself the past few months, deciding whether to go on or is it time to let it go.

It would have been helpful if I had more supportive parents and family, but I guess it is what it is and I don’t blame anyone or anything. Sometimes I do wonder what it would have been like if my parents were like those of my fellow decathletes, who would come down to support their kids through the competitions and supported their athletics career since they were young. In fact, the families of my fellow decathletes have supported me hugely through the past few years as well.

But sometimes strong criticisms help in an honest re-evaluation as well. Dad kept telling me it’s time to stop running because I have practically no chance of making it to the Olympics, my older brother thinks I’m pretty much the kind of guy who does a gazillion things but never having the commitment or conviction to get good at any one of them (fair point, I actually have done a heck of a lot of things in life).

So this is it, perhaps this will be my last flight over to the UK before I come back for good.

All I know is, despite what everyone says or thinks, I gotta make it happen now.

Gonna fly now.

Make a million dollars, go to the Olympics. Somebody’s gotta do it, why not you?


  1. Never too old to train and compete 🙂

    That was the only thing i needed to hear after i told my friend that I was contemplating retiring from athletics.

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