Aren’t You Tired?

Money, money, money, money...... Money!

Been back for almost a week now and inevitably I fell back into the pace of life in Singapore.

Sometimes it still makes me wonder what I’m doing over in the UK trying to make a couple of pounds to pay the bills and keep myself going whilst back here all the deals I have a chance to make is in gabazillions of dollars.

As a result, my parents too question what the heck I am actually doing over there.

I think in Singapore what happens is that you look around and because everyone’s in the chase for paper, you’ll feel odd if you don’t, most people also think you’re a little weird for being different.

But sometimes you can’t be afraid to turn your back on society and show them the _|_

Because this is my life and for better or worst, this is how I’m going to live it.

Some of us, we were born to fly.

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