Ode to My Family.

Back in Singapore, I missed the beach.

I missed spending time with my family.

But to be honest, my family’s never been very close or anything. Growing up my parents ran their own business and was pretty much busy all the time. Dinner table conversations were always about work. We hardly every talked much about our personal lives, each living in our own little world.

Sometimes festivals like Chinese New Year reminds me of how different my family is from the typical Asian family, seeing how involved other parents are with their kids’ lives and how they have a large extended family. This year, we only did 1 house visit and it was to an old business associate of my dad’s.

I guess growing up like that kinda made me who I am today, largely independent and not afraid to walk this road alone.

And for that, though I wonder what it would be like to grow up in a ‘normal’ family, I thank my parents for everything I am today.

Happy Chinese New Year =)

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