On The Days You Don’t See.

The new updated university gym.

Where the history begins. Where it may end as well.

3 more days before I fly home.

The hardest part about going back is that nobody will ever truly understand or comprehend the amount of work I’ve put in to try and make this happen, but without any results to show for it, I understand.

You know as you get older in life, the odds of you achieving your youthful dreams start to fade, simply because you start running out of time.

SAA just announced the selection for the wildcard nominations for Singapore and so there goes pretty much my hope of going to the Olympics as a wildcard. (It’s a very fair process, only thing I didn’t anticipate was that they made the decision based on results up to Jan 16th 2012. Thought I would have up till June where I would actually compete in another decathlon to be considered.)

Only thing left I can do is to find some way to climb this seemingly insurmountable mountain that lies between me and my dream.

To get good enough in 6 months and obtain the Olympic ‘B’ Qualification Standard, 7950 points.

Just a reminder at where I currently stand, my last season PB is 4105 points.

If you look at the score breakdown for to obtain that kind of score, I would need to become much more than my current self.

Picking up this heel injury yesterday certainly doesn’t help but it’s weird that somehow, I still believe.

Because it’s not just going to be these 6 months ahead that will get me to where I want to be, it has been the last 6 years of my life, every small step, every big decision, every drop of blood, sweat and tear I have shed by myself along the way.

Just going to keep my head down and keep working at it till the fat lady sings.

Never give up.

I am made of all the days you don’t see not just the one you do.


  1. The odds against you sounds crazy, but magic happens when we believe in ourselves and start do crazy things; and that, only another crazy person can understand (=

    Go ys!

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