Pain Is Temporary.

First 4x300m session this season, pain.

It’s that funny feeling that hits you after 200m in your 3rd rep, your head starts to get dizzy, hamstrings feel like they’re set on fire and lungs about to pop.

Yes I’m running these session faster than last year and I was satisfied with myself earlier for pushing through the first 2 reps at a faster pace, but I blew up on the 3rd rep and basically it deteriorated to a jog for the 4th.

I was satisfied that being my first week switching over to this higher intensity workout I had the guts (albeit with a little convincing from a fellow decathlete) to run them hard, but on reflection this is just not good enough.

My PB for my 400m is 57.61s (ran that in April before the hamstring injury in May last year) and I was hoping to get it under 56s by the end of the last season. That injury destroyed my winter fitness and I was nowhere near that even a 57s pace in my decathlons after.

To get to where I want to be, I need to run below 54s at least and realistically it has to be closer to 52s.

To do that, today is simply not good enough; being satisfied at attempting is no longer good enough.

Not good enough not because the times are still far off, that will take care of itself in due time, but because I didn’t push out hard on the 3rd rep and stuck it in there to see what happened.

It started to hurt bad, so I slowed down.

I have to accept to get to where I want to be, that is the pain I have to be ready to surmount, day after day, week after week.

I will no longer be satisfied by just attempting. I will only stop after I either failed or succeeded.

If I’m not willing to see it through, then it’s time to quit already.

Time to grow up now.

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