On Building My Life.

'I'm made of every hurdle I cleared, not just the ones on the track.'

4 Days since I’ve decided to drop out of school.

Everything feels the same, yet different.

I’m still training with the same people at the same place, doing pretty much the same things, but with a very different sense of purpose now.

Somehow making that decision to drop out of school has given me a kind of clarity in the mind with what I want to do with my life, how I need to do it and the push to go ahead and do it.

It feels like my time is entirely my own and from here on out, I myself am entirely responsible for my success or failure ahead. No more excuses, no more finger pointing.

It made me realise that I only have a very limited amount of time and money left to do what I had set out to do, hence I budgeted both and whilst I can’t put any more hours in a day, I’ve drawn out a plan on how to save and earn more money.

This is it.


The thing that 15 years of schooling has prepared me for.

But perhaps it was sport that actually made me.

I’m made of all the days you don’t see, not just the ones you do.


  1. Go bro, I’m always around if you need anything; but as usual, you most probably already got it all worked out (=

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