On Spending Christmas, Alone.

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It’s the big Christmas weekend again so firstly, a big Merry Christmas to you!

You’ve worked hard through the year (I hope, haha) so go ahead, let your hair down, whether you believe in Santa or not, enjoy yourself and surround yourself with family and friends.

This is not some emo post or anything so don’t worry I won’t get your spirit down.

This Christmas and New Year period is going to be a quiet one for me because I made a decision that in order to be at my best shape for the Indoor Championships on the 7-8th January, I can only taper down the week after and have to train hard through next week.

Last year I had one of my best Christmas ever with a few of my good mates down in London and a heck of a party on New Year’s Eve as well. That then lead to a heck of a 2011 I must say, so many ups and downs and adventures along the way. I guess I’ll spend the next few days in quiet reflection just to make sense of it all.

This year though, how I’m going to spend my Christmas and New Year period probably reflects what is about to come. The chips are on the table now and I’m all in.

This is it, the season that I’ve dreamt about for the last 6 years. Though I know I’m still very far from where I want to be, (today’s long jump training made me realise I’m still miles off), I know every decision I’ve made, every road I chose to walk, every price I had to pay has led me here today.

Time to step up and be.

No regrets, let’s do it.

You shoot me down, but I won’t fall, I am titanium.

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