On Moving Forward.

Because the world moves forward, with or with out you.

Hasn’t been an easy week, kinda hurt my foot on Tuesday morning and I had to make changes to my training program.

I was doing a full warm up after the previous night’s plyo session left me in ruins and as I took my warm up strides, the middle metatarsal of my left foot just started hurting. I’m not too sure what happened, but I went on for a few more stride over hurdles and realised the pain wasn’t going away so I stopped.

Truth be told I was scared, because I know I’m just one injury away from ending my season and my career. The past 3 years each had a serious injury that led me to where I am today, without the performance I need to keep going.

So I decided to do the wise thing this time, stopped training, iced and rested. It’s the counter-intuitive thing to do, because you really want to stick to your training schedule and capitalise on each day.

However sometimes it’s not about what you want in an ideal situation, but how you best respond to the situation that has happened. No point being delusional and ignoring reality.

I thought it boiled down to losing 2-3 days of training but saving 2-3 weeks in the future, as compared to losing 2-3 days of training (because you won’t be able to give your best during training) and losing 2-3 weeks in the future.

Plus you never really lose 2-3 days if you’re smart about it. I attended all the training sessions and observed the other athletes training, visualised the training, and did a heck of a lot of upper body and core conditioning. Found out that I have a particular weakness on my back and shoulders and so I’m adding in steps to address those issues.

I have learnt that through the years that it really isn’t about how your perfect plan in your perfect world plays out, because that never happens except in your head. It’s about how you execute a perfect response to an imperfect situation and keep moving forward.

It’s Saturday and thankfully my foots fine now. In fact I just ran a PB pace for my 6×2 min workout runs this morning.

First race of the season or last race of the year’s one week from now. It’s a small low key meet at the university but it just reminds me of how fast things are swinging by. Still so many steps I need to take, so many things I need to improve.

Just got to do my best every damn day, keep on pushing forward and in time I will be ready.

Work it harder make it better, do it faster, makes us stronger. More than ever hour after our work is never over.

Yes that is from Victoria’s Secret and no I don’t make any excuses for being a man. 😉

I still believe in superheros.

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