People Are Awesome: William Sharman

Coach George Maciukiewicz with William Sharman

Coach George Maciukiewicz with William Sharman

The hurdles guru and one of the world’s best sprint hurdlers, both awesome and amazing people.

Just came across a BP advertisment campaign featuring William Sharman. Sometimes I forget how amazing these guys are because I see them regularly and amazingly am training with them. George took me under his wings when I had no technical ability to clear hurdles at all and William has always been encouraging me every since the first time we met.

A lot of people don’t understand what William had to go through the last season, I was around when he just broke his wrist from a hurdles accident at the track. To come back from that and to finish 8th in the world championships is no easy feat.

Not to mention he’s a great dad and he has such a lovely family around him.

That’s why I believe he will be certainly a man to watch out for in the London 2012 Olympic games.

‘You’ll hit 7000 points in 2 years mate, you certainly got the kit.’ That what William Sharman told me when I first trained with him in 2009.

Thanks for your vote of confidence in me mate. It’s taking a little more time than 2 years, but I’ll get there I promise.

I’ll admit, for all the talk that I often say I’m untalented, I’m actually blessed with the height and built of a decathlete. For a Singaporean male I’m 1.84m tall and right now 84kg. During a jump testing in 2010 (basically standing broad jump into a sand pit), I came second in the group, losing to William who jumped 3.34m (I jumped 2.98m).

What I lacked is time and experience and I guess there’s no short cut to resolving it.

‘Do not feel inadequate if you’re simply inexperienced’ – Eric Grimson, MIT

Thanks mate, it really meant a lot to me.

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