On Pushing Through.

Eye of the Tiger. Adrian here doing his warm up snatches, great honour to have him as my training partner.

Like a butterfly pushing through his old cocoon, it’s time to spread my wings and leave my old self behind.

8 weeks of training : Done.

Last season I looked at my training dairy and realised I’ve never trained so hard in my life. This time around I realised I’m pushing almost twice as hard and in every single aspect of my life.

A lot of my previous post is about what goes on in my head and how I keep myself motivated to keep going forward. But no amount of motivation is going to get you anywhere if you’re not willing to put your foot down on the ground and start moving.

Will dedicate more of my future post towards the actual steps I’m taking and also the ideas that are driving me forward in training, business and personal life.

Here are a few of my training videos from the week.

Gotta work on getting a quicker drive off the centre of the circle and a stronger left side block.

Finally getting my first turn in looking right. Need to keep working on my right foot to keep turning in the centre of the circle.

Rhythm getting a lot better, now I got to work on keeping my upper torso back and getting a positive left side block during the throw.

Trying out different running techniques to improve my running economy for my 1500m. A little too much forward lean, especially with my head. Really still need to work to get that foot strike landing right under me instead of ahead of me.

Soon I want to run like this:

No easy way around it, just got to go ahead and keep trying my very best every single damn day. Will get some of my jump training videos up next week, don’t take too many videos of them because for those sessions I’m with a bigger group and it’s a little out of the way.

Rest well for the weekend, week 9’s only going to get tougher.

Don’t lose your grip on the dreams of the past, you must fight just to keep them alive.

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