On Just One More Round.

One hurdle at a time, keep on going till the end.

“Fight one more round. When your arms are so tired that you can hardly lift your hands to come on guard, fight one more round. When your nose is bleeding and your eyes are black and you are so tired that you wish that your opponent would crack you one on the jaw and put you to sleep, fight one more round remembering that the man who always fights one more round is never whipped.”
-James J. Corbett (Heavyweight Champion 1892-1897)

Been following the SEA games recently and I’m so glad for so many of my friends in the SG athletics team. Many people don’t know what they had to go through to get to where they were, it’s easy to downplay their performance but I know exactly what it meant to them.

Many of team are from my batch and we’ve been doing athletics in one form or another since we were 13 or younger. I’m just so glad for them to reach where they are today, but at the same time I’m reminded that I’ve been doing it for equally long and pretty much got nowhere.

Do watch the link below from youtube itself, embedded watching is disabled so just hit the link and watch it from youtube.

Somehow I understand what Rocky meant at the start. All I want to do is to go the distance. I just want to prove to myself that I can see it through this time. As long as I can go on and give my very best every single damn day from now until the qualification date of the Olympics has passed, then I’ll be happy and be able to move on with my life.

I quit on my dreams once, I’m not going to do it again.

I started out as nobody and whatever happens next I don’t think it’s going to make me anybody as well, but at least I’ll know that I have the guts to give it a shot and go the distance.

That I didn’t quit when the going got tough.

That I didn’t quit when nobody else  believed in me.

That I didn’t quit when everyone else did.

All the way
That’s the only way to go
Won’t ever give up the fight
Cause I’d die just to show
That I’ll never surrender
No, I’ll never give it up
Without a fight
And I’ll always remember
How it feels to have to
Bring your dreams alive.

Got to get quicker (and buy a skipping rope as well).

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