On the Clothes that Make the Man (Fall 2011 Wardrobe Update)

Vintage Knitwear, an essential Fall piece.

Why does dressing well matter?

Well imagine two different scenarios, you are walking by a telephone booth in the city and a man approaches you asking for a quarter. In the first scenario the man is dressed sloppily, hasn’t shaved with shaggy hair all around his head; in the second scenarios, the man’s in a sharp suit looking well-groomed and pleasant.

Who are you more likely to give a quarter to?

The back story to both men was that they left their wallet and phone in a cab and now am stuck outside wanted to borrow a quarter to make a phone call. Chances are for the first man he’ll have a much more difficult time, he might even scare people off before he gets a chance to explain what happened. The second, well I believe people will even lend him their mobile phone.

Unfortunately we live in a shallow world and impressions count. Don’t get sucked up into their marketing though and believe that because of your clothes you are somebody. Be somebody and then dress appropriately.

A few weeks back I went to the bank asking for a hundred thousand loan to get a business going. Things didn’t go that well and obviously that has much more to do than me wearing the wrong clothes. But at the same time I just knew I’ve gotten sloppy over the years and my wardrobe just isn’t sharp enough anymore.

So step by step let’s build it up again. After all, 16 pieces is all you need to have a complete men’s wardrobe.

Firstly the cream coloured vintage knitwear pictured above, one of the key trends that has been going on for a few seasons. Amazingly versatile piece. Keeps you warm through fall and for the colder nights or during winter, all you have to do is to throw on a nice overcoat and you’ll be looking casual and cool.

Blazer with a little flair. Picture didn't turn out well here though cause the lighting at my place wasn't able to capture this piece's colour accurately.

Blazers, quickest way to sharpen a man up. Get one that fits. If it doesn’t fit, shoulders too tight, sleeves too short, don’t buy it. If you can, get a bespoke tailor and invest in a tailored suit (something I’m going to do next). My last suit lasted me 8 years (omg, yes that’s why I need to update myself). I found this piece off the rack and it fits me amazingly well, I was really surprised how lucky I am. This picture really doesn’t show this piece well, but I love how the material looks in person, a little rugged yet sharp and with the top collar inspired by the classic tuxedo, a little dash of flamboyance . Wear this with a T-shirt, a shirt or pair it with a cashmere turtle neck sweater for the colder months and you definitely got a winner here.

The standard white polo T. (Another example of why you should always iron your clothes as pointed out by Tak. This was straight off the rack and out of the shopping bag so forgive me for this one.)

Simple, understated, fitting and good. Enough said.

All the three pieces above I got from Armani Exchange store in Oxford street, a little bit pricy I must admit, but I felt that it’s worth investing in the key pieces (like blazers and main sweaters).

I also bought myself a new set of training clothes because those are the ones that actually get the most wear and mine looks thoroughly worn (I realised I had a track pants that I’ve had for 10 years and am still wearing it constantly).

Out with the old me, in the new.

Here are a few great links that are inspiring my current wardrobe refresh, will be out next week hunting for accessories (shoes, wallets and watches).



Time to dress like you give a damn.


  1. Hey that blazer and sweater looks awesome on you! The polo T would look even better with some ironing (:


    • Yong Sheng says:

      Haha, thanks bro. Yes that polo T needs ironing, it was straight off the rack and out of the shopping bag when I took that shot =)


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