Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come. – Victor Hugo. (2012 Indoor Season)

Took this on Thursday sitting on the track waiting for my training partner to come. Gosh I must have been here at least a thousand times.

Just completed week 5 of my training. I must say things are coming along nicely this time round. It’s a mixture of proper training planning, physical adaptations over the last few years and wisdom gained to know when to push hard and when to take it easy.

Anyway here are the dates for the upcoming indoor competitions. This will all be crucial to help me gauge how my training is going and to identify specific areas of weakness I need to address.

Loughborough Indoor Open Meets
10th December (60m, Shot Put, High Jump)
21st January (60m Hurdles, Long Jump)

England Athletics, Senior & U20 Combined Events Championships (Indoor Heptathlon)
7th & 8th January

BUCS Indoor Athletics Championships 2012 (Single Events)
25-26 February

Just 4 more weeks till the first indoor Open Meet. Gotta make every stride count.



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