Road to the London Olympic Games.

287 days.

Got down to it and found out exactly what I need to do.

London 2012 Summer Olympic Games, Men’s Decathlon: 8-9th August

Olympic Qualifying B Standard: 7950 pts

Deadline to post a qualifying score: 8th July

Number of wildcards if no athlete qualifies from each country: 2

To be the highest ranked SG athlete according to the IAAF Scoring table and be considered as a wildcard: 7500 pts

Current score: 4105 pts

Either way you look at it, I got to double my score in 8 months. Sounds a bit crazy? Maybe so.

But I’ve always thought that I’m faster and stronger than what my current scores reflect.

It’s time to stop thinking I am and know that I am.

Free your mind.


  1. We’re all behind you. Keep pressing on 🙂

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