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Been exactly a week since I’ve gotten back home to Singapore.

It’s starting to feel weird to be home and not particularly busy with any one thing, i.e. not focused on training or work like I used to be, also my time back hasn’t been particularly exciting.

Anyway it’s always good to come back and see once again how massively Singapore has changed in the 6 months I had been away, the speed of development and change here is truly stunning.

Just had a meeting with the folks at SAA and somehow they’re talking about getting me to focus my efforts on the SEA (South-East Asian) games in 2013. I’m there thinking, hmm really? Another year?

I made a decision that I’ll run for one last season, but beyond that I’m not too sure.

Sometimes I ask myself what is it that I’m really seeking out of all this? And if I’ve already gotten what I was seeking.

SEA games 2013? Brazil 2016?

Only time can tell, but for now I’m going to build my life up to be what I know it can be 😉

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