Gotta Keep Your Head Up.

Back in Singapore =)

It’s always good to be home, been back for almost 5 days now.

Had a week of complete rest from training and work and it feels good to be a ‘normal’ for awhile, not worrying about my training or diet. Week 1 of my 4 week off-season rest done, now for some general fitness and prehab training to get me ready for a grueling winter ahead.

Also I finally got round to updating SAA (Singapore Athletic Association) about my results from the previous decathlon. I always hoped to be able to bring back some decent results when I get back home this time round, but I guess for now I’ll remain just as a struggling decathlete still.

Just like everything else, things don’t always go your way, but you gotta keep your head up, keep going and make the best out of whatever it is. I’ll be meeting the management of SAA soon and hopefully share some of my experiences and ideas on how we can improve the sport as a whole back here.

In the meantime, just gotta free myself and enjoy life.

Hello Singapore =)

Gotta keep your head up and you can let your hair down.


  1. Samuel Goldberg says:

    I do hope you might speak to SAA regarding our communications, and all my best hopes for your continued progress and ultimate success in the Decathlon.
    Coach Sam Goldberg

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