Masters of Movement.

Just some videos I would like to share. Thanks to my exam time procrastination stint, I found some amazing dance videos from America’s Best Dance Crew television series. (It’s amazing isn’t it, that somehow during exam periods everything in the world seems so amazingly interesting.)

First up is the season 1 winners Jabbawockeez in a return performance during season 6. I mean these guys are simply amazing. I just love their style and flair. Also, if you notice in all of their performances since the original competition, they always point to the sky to pay respects to one of their mentor and founding members of the crew that sadly passed away just before the competition.

This is a crew that made it big but never forgot their roots. Respect!

Next up Beat Freaks, runner ups from season 3. This all girl dance crew really inspires. They set out to prove to the world that the girls can do all the dance moves that guys can do and take them at their own game. Their motto freak the dream is such an inspirational message that they wanted to get across through their dance, telling people all around the world that they should go and chase their dreams.

Definitely girl power in the video below.

Lastly my favourite crew, season 3 champions, Quest Crew! I mean these guys are just crazily good and just awesome to watch. And the reason why they’re so good is because they are made up of different unique individuals of very different individual strengths. They form a brotherhood and when thrown the decathlon challenge (what a coincidence), they just blew the competition out of the water.

Not to mention how they then worked with LMFAO to make the amazing Everyday I’m Shuffling music video. This crew is just awesome!

So what have I learnt from watching these amazing dancers do their thing?

Commit and move with conviction. No hesitation, just go for it.

Also dancers train with mirrors to constantly check their form. Athletics is pretty similar in the sense that you’re trying to get your body to generate force through certain shapes and forms.  Will make it a point to video my training as much as I can so that I can constantly check and be aware of my own form.

Every little bit counts now.

Keep on moving.

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