Exam Season

Mindmaps to save the day again....

3 down 1 to go.

Do you remember about the blog post I made long ago when I complained that I couldn’t keep to a revision schedule and only studied at the last minute?

Well guess what, opps I did it again.

Actually I did start a little earlier this time knowing that I had a decathlon just two days before the start of my exam, but I left too much of the heavy lifting to the last-minute and didn’t expect myself to be so out of it on Monday after the decathlon.

Made the decision to minimise sleep in order to maximise revision and boy did I get that bit wrong. On Tuesday morning it was a two-hour exam and in the first hour I was totally out of it. It felt like I knew the points to answer the question, but just couldn’t write it out in a coherent essay format.

It got better on the second hour when I moved on to the second question (2 questions 2 hour paper), but didn’t have time to salvage the first by the time I was finished with the second.

I guess once again I can only blame myself for procrastinating, but it’s over now and there’s nothing I can do about it. The next two exams fared a little better, but I’m not sure if I can manage to pull my grades back up to salvage the first disaster.

I need my 2:1 to stay on in Loughborough.

Anyway just like the dec, you can only understand your life backwards but can only live your life forwards. 1 more exam to go on Wednesday and 3 days worth of revision before it.

Gotta make every shot count now.

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